1. "Like a lover to his beloved he pleaded, "I have come a long way o Prophet. I’ve traversed miles from Singapore and the journey to be here with you has taken years and much from me. Please, please let me just see you." He waited for a moment, wiped his tears, and retreated to his bed.

    That night he fell into a deep slumber. He found himself in the middle of a field, and a bright line inched closer from afar. Within seconds the light was in front of him, and the source… The smiling Prophet. The man awoke, the smile now transferred on his face.”

    May we be given the Rizq of meeting the Prophet in this world and be with him in the next. Ameen!

  2. Back home and first thing’s first: Nasi Ayam!!!! Hahahahahha 😁

    So happy to be home and to be surrounded by the ones I love. Alhamdulillah 😍

  3. "We are not here to fix things, we are here to witness that they work." - Shaykh Ebrahim Etsko Schuitema

    It’s been a wonderful, enlightening and life-changing 3 months… but now it’s time to go home. Please make du’a for my safe journey and that I keep with me all that I’ve learn in the company of everyone I’ve been blessed to meet in this beautiful country, inshaAllah.

    On to witness what Allah swt has in store for me next, biidhnillah! 😊 (at Zawiya Ebrahim)

  4. You could spend 3 months with someone but feel no love at all. And yet you could spend just 3 days with another person, and feel like family by the time you leave.

    Love is unexplainable. It is put into our hearts by Allah, by His mercy. If a person is meant to love you, than he/she will. Likewise, if he/she is not meant to do so, then even if you do everything and anything you can think of, love will not come. Either way, Allah swt has His reasons. Alhamdulillah :)

    Home tomorrow, inshaAllah ☺️ (at On Top of Table Mountain)

  5. Made du’a for a travel companion, got one! Alhamdulillah. There’s not many people I can have such insightful conversations with from the get-go, but this lady is one of them.

    "I like to understand myself, you know. To notice that I do certain things and be curious why I am such." "That’s wonderful. Not many people give themselves time for reflection and introspection. Shaykh says that to be selfless, you first have to be selfish." "So true.. So so true."

    #throwback #capetown (at Adderley Street)

  6. He gave me a sprained ankle, but sent me to the arms of the Muslim Cape Town community 😊 Had the most intense hadrah with a few hundred people; one of my consistent du’as of things I want to experience since I got here.

    Allah’s plan is always better than mine! Alhamdulillah!! 😍

  7. My hike up Table Mountain was cancelled twice by the guide due to bad weather conditions. In order to make it still, I even downgraded to a less scenic route since that was the only one that still had slots…

    … But after three days of happily walking and climbing all over Cape Town for hours and hours with no incidents, last night I found myself tripping over a small raised step in my Backpackers (of all places) in the middle of the dark, tumbling over, and waking up in the morning to an ankle twice the size than it normally is.

    Don’t talk about hiking, even walking to the toilet is now a 5 minute affair haha.

    Ey, even if the whole world plans but Allah does not will it to happen, then it won’t happen hur hur hur πŸ˜…

    #du’asplease #tklehjalan #canneni #nakbuatapeskrg (at Cape Point Lighthouse)

  8. "I’ve been travelling the world and what it made me realise is that I can’t change anything; the world is too messed up!"

    "But I think that’s the whole point of the world. For you to realize that you’re not in control of anything, and that the only true change you can ever do is that of yourself." (at Long Beach Simons Town)

  9. For a long while I’ve been wanting to experience how travelling alone feels like.

    I’ve concluded that while it does have its perks (you can do whatever you want, higher chances of making new friends, get out of your comfort zone etc), I found myself wishing, as I stand mesmerised by the beautiful sceneries or as I hiked up stunning trails, for a close companion to share my experiences with.

    Will I travel alone again? If the opportunity comes, of course! But all the better if there’s someone close to come with :)

    InshaAllah. (at Muizenberg Beach)

  10. Surprisingly, even with all the beautiful sceneries I’m experiencing and interesting people I meet along the way, I truly honestly miss the zawiya.

    I miss hearing the adhan, I miss the jemaah prayers, i miss the daily tazkirah by the imam, I miss little Yahya running around with his cute little head bobbing up and down going “Hayy! Allah!”, and I miss just knowing Shaykh is next door.

    How fickle the (my) mind is! We truly do not appreciate the value of something until it’s gone, ey?

  11. Cape Town is just full of “Subhanallah!”-inducing sceneries… Subhanallah!

    In other news, I had an hour long hike up to Cape Point and a lil off the beaten track and I was already wheezing like a 62 year-old. Am kinda worried about the Table Mountain 4 hour hike tomorrow, but if the views are as magnificent as today, then Bismillah! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    P/s. Paragliding or helicopter ride afterwhich?

  12. Hiking that mountain tomorrow, inshaAllah! (Makes perfect sense seeing that I’ve not exercised the past 4 years hahaha 😝)

    On another note, I’ve been making lots of du’a to meet good people, and for good people to meet me. Yesterday a girl approached me, another single traveller but from Lebanon. She’s an atheist but is currently diving into the Qur’an because she couldn’t understand why people kill after reading the Book.

    Ten points for doing own research instead of making assumptions. May she be given true understanding, inshaAllah ☺️

  13. "When he was about to be hanged, the 22 year old looked at his weeping mom and said, "Don’t cry for me, mom. Cry for those who are still suffering, cry for those who are undergoing injustice. I die, but the struggle continues." Great men are great because they don’t deem themselves as greater than the cause they are striving for.

  14. Alhamdulilah, safely arrived in Cape Town! My solo-backpacking graduation trip beginnsss 😁 please make du’a for my safe travels and return :) (at The B.I.G: BackPackers In Green Point)

  15. Isn’t it interesting that you can be amongst an ocean of people and yet still feel lonely?

    And in contrast, you also can be physically all alone, but feel like the entire world is beating to the rhythm of your heartbeat.

    He is closer to you than your jugular vein. He is in each breath, in the gush of air that enters you and flows through your body, in every expansion and contraction of the lump of flesh in your chest.

    Allah Hu. Allah Hayy.