1. Best 26th Birthday Presents:

    1) being able to attend shaykh’s Leadership workshop and finally understanding what being a leader (to yourself and to others) means

    2) being able to have 1-1 conversations with the shaykh while in the car driving to and fro the location of the workshop, finally understanding what being Muslim means

    "The degree to which your Islam is your identity is the degree to which you are not looking at Islam as a transformative tool, Fadhilah. The world is set up for you to find meaning, not forms, in images."

    Please make du’a that I remember and live by the things I learn here, no matter how many more birthdays there are to come for me, inshaAllah :) Jazakumullah khayr!

  2. Salaam eid ul-fitri! Taqabalallahu minna wa minkum :)) First raya overseas without any family around is super tough but alhamdulillah ‘ala kulli hal. May we be able to meet the next Ramadhan inshaAllah 😘

    P/s. Thanks @nryna sebab masak ketupat Rendang and lodeh :)))

  3. The issue of gratitude is one related to the issue of faith. If you’re looking at your past and present through the lens of ingratitude, what it implies is that you believe that you have not been blessed with His love and mercy. And what that means, is that you do not have faith that He will take care of your future for you.

    So alhamdulillah, Alhamdulilah,
    Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah ‘ala kuli hal. Every moment is a blessing, every moment is a manifestation of His mercy, every moment is a love letter from your Rabb to you.

    Be grateful, have faith, and watch how wonderfully your life has been planned out by al-Wadud 😍

  4. How can you see His signs if your eyes are constantly rolled to the back of your head, preoccupied with your internal dialogue?

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  5. Little Saadiah makes an appearance in this week’s letter to readers! If you’ve not received it in your inbox, remember to check your Promotion Tab ☺️

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  6. "Uncle Fuad, will you teach me how to play the percussions so my friends and I can have beats when we have our qasidah sessions?"

    Had a truly enjoyable time this evening in the zawiya’s masjid; just me and my off-beat drumming and my out-of-tune singing. Missing my UIA ladies. May Allah swt unite all of us again one day inshaallah 😘

  7. "Your advise to Just Be, shaykh, has done wonders to my state. I’ve never been happier since I got here, alhamdulillah."

    "Amazing, isn’t it?" the shaykh smiled, his eyes on the road as the car rolled down the highway back home to the zawiya, "In reality, Fadhilah, our unhappiness and discontentment with life are mostly self-manufactured!"

    #zawiaebrahim #schuitema #etsko

  8. Try this: Be still, silent. Let your senses speak to you, listen with your eyes, your ears, your skin. Taste and smell the air that fills your lungs. Remove all that is you from you… And you’ll find all that remains is Hu.

  9. "If a person were to find joy and contentment at the exact place and situation where you find resentment and pain, then what differentiates both of you is where you have placed your intent."

  10. "I used to live in a shack, with coconut leaves being the only barrier between my head and the sky, but I was happy, I was contented. I had my zikr, I had my wird, I had all the contentment in the world," said the Imam, creases forming on his forehead, "Now, I see that everyone in my village live in proper houses, but they are always worrying, always running around unsure and fearful about this and that, and it’s all because they have left the remembrance of Allah swt; When you run away from your Robb, He runs away from you."

  11. "It’s tough. I have to keep watching over what I say, how I act and stuff, even to the tiniest details just so that I don’t step on someone’s feet unknowingly."

    "Isn’t that good? To be able to be deliberate in all your actions? To be able to take account of yourself before He takes account of you?"

    It’s not surprising the wise are able to be thankful for every single situation they find themselves in, subhanallah.

  12. "I don’t think I can stay in that isolation room, shaykh. Not even for just one day." "Why?" "I’ll go crazy." "Most people can’t wait to get away from that room, but they don’t realize that they are essentially running away from themselves when they do that; aren’t they afterall the only presence in that room? And the sad thing is they don’t realize that their selves follow them even as they step out of that door."


  13. Wonderful night of impromptu recitation of the diwan with Imam Nusra, Uncle Nadim, shaykh Ebrahim, some guests from America and Pakistan, and the people of the zawiya. My soul (and stomach) are contented, alhamdulillah :))

  14. Ice on the window panes. Honestly the freezing weather is making it really hard to do anything but hide under the blankets and shiver. I have frostbite on my hands and feet, and my emotions are getting a little wonky. This might just be the most challenging experience I’ve ever gone through, subhanallah.

    Mad respect to the other occupants of the zawiya who all seem to be unaffected and in high spirits.

    La yukallifullahu nafsan ila wus’aha. Must. Stay. Positive.

  15. I closed my eyes as I listened to the chirping of the birds and the soft humm of the freezer. With the cold air, my breath came out as wheezes, and small clouds of vapour appear as the air escaped my mouth.

    "How do you feel?", the shaykh’s voice brought me home.
    “Quiet. Peaceful.”
    “That, Fadhilah, is who you are. Everything you have that’s occupying you are just noise from the past and worries from your future. Silent them with dhikrullah, and just… be.”