1. In the end, the highlight of my day wasn’t the spa trip nor eating the best shawarma in the world. It was simply rolling down the road with the sun setting on my right and the car echoing with voices young and old singing qasaid and reciting “Hayy! Allah!”, as the evening breeze danced with my hijab.

    We mistakenly seek contentment by pursuing this and chasing that, when contentment is actually within us all along. Truly, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.

    Alhamdulilah 😊

  2. Less than 2 weeks to home. I will miss many things about South Africa… The scenery, the silence, the sprawling skies and most of all, the people. Subhanallah, the people! I think about the sea of strangers back in Singapore and im already feeling sad. I think this soul will find trouble adjusting to the rat race of Singapore after living in Malaysia and SA :(

  3. "How do you feel about graduating?"

    "Like I’ve reached the peak of a huge mountain, and the view at the top is both breathtaking and daunting at the same time. I’m standing at the edge, eager to jump and reach the clouds. Yet, I’m terrified at falling to the ground below."

    "Allah got you to the top despite the odds being against you, didn’t He? Just trust Him! Whether you’ll fly or fall to the ground, you’ll end up exactly where He wants you to be. Why fear the inevitable? Take that leap of faith!"

  4. "Shall I make you tea, aunt Fay?" My question broke the silence of the dawn. I shifted to stand up, but I felt her hand on my knees. "Fadhilah." I turned to her. The meditation room was dark, but rays of the waking sun sneaked in through the window panes, casting light on her face. I saw tears slid down her cheeks, soft rolls that landed silently on her shawl. "Thank you for the gift of your time."

    I hugged her and we teared on the other’s shoulder, a warm embrace in the cold winter. I’ve only met her yesterday, but to me, it feels like our souls recognised each other from a time beyond time.

  5. Aunt Fayrooz stood next to me as we both watched the sun rise behind the mountains. “I thank Allah that He blessed me with meeting you, after all this time I’m reading your letters. I’m so grateful, alhamdulillah.”

    Little did she know that the blessed one was me, the girl who teared at the many stories she shared with me over the weekend. If this bursting heart is not loving another for the sake of Allah, I don’t know what is.

    Alhamdulillah :”)

  6. Morning drive to work :) #hyperlapse

  7. 😭 Global Tawbah by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf happening now. I feel like sleeping in the office just to have Internet to watch this 😭


  8. FINALLY, I’ve sent a letter from my desk to your inbox hehe. Have been in soul-searching mode the past few weeks, alhamdulillah.

    Today’s letter is all about why some of us can see His wisdom in all situations, while others (me included) struggle to do so. If its not in your inbox, check in your promotions tab :)

    "We say la illaha ilallah, but the truth is that many amongst us unknowingly make our selves, our nafs, our God." (at www.fadhilahwahid.com)

  9. Got the last piece of the puzzle for my 4 year undergraduate journey, which means inshaAllah I graduate with First Class Honours, alhamdulillah!!

    I feel a speech coming up but let me just cry years of joy and make du’a for my mom who spent the last four years without any pocket money so that I can have enough, and who never fails to pray tahajjud and make du’a for me every night.

    I am nothing without her. Thank u Bonda :”)

  10. The registration page for the workshop on the things I’ve learned here in Schuitema about leadership and life is up!!

    So excited to share, inshaAllah :)) I’ll be holding workshops in both KL and Singapore, so do check out the details at www.fadhilahwahid.com/cng (link in profile). Or if u know me personally, just drop me a comment or text etc.

    Bismillah, may it benefit. Let’s change the world, beginning with ourselves ☺️

  11. Drawing the graphics for my latest article, written for those amongst us who always feel like we’re never good enough when we compare ourselves to others online.

    Will be published later today on www.fadhilahwahid.com :))

    P/s. It’s crazy that I realized I haven’t published anything there since April 😱


  12. Does Being on Facebook or Instagram Make You Feel Like You’ll Never Be Good Enough? If So, You Have to Read this.

    I was having a chat with a new friend, N, on the topic of online personalities when she stopped me mid-sentence. Eyes wide open in excitement, her thumb swiped across the screen of her iPhone and proceeded to dance on its surface for several seconds. Beaming when she found what she was looking for, she slid her phone across the desk and exclaimed,

    β€œThem! Their life is perfect!”

    I looked at the…

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  13. For years I’ve asked myself what is my purpose when I write? What does it mean when I say I write for Him? What is the message I was created to share with the world?

    From asking a bookseller in Singapore what to read to change my life, to being introduced to shaykh’s message, to being sent to South Africa and meeting all these wonderful souls from different paths, to watching this documentary today of all days, I can only draw that nothing happens by chance. It has all been planned by Him.

    Today, He has given me the answer that I’ve been searching for all this while.

    Alhamdulillah. My heart sings with joy and my eyes are wet with tears of gratitude.

    Please make du’a for me as the real struggle has only just begun :”)

  14. "The issue is not one of not wanting to give. Muslims give. A lot. But they forget that it’s not just Masjids or war-torn countries that need funds.

    They forget to give to the person that teaches them and grows them because they think teaching should be free-sabilillah. How then should the teacher support himself and his family? Muslims also forget to give to the young who want to get married, to ease their financial burden.

    And then, at the end of the day, we Muslims wonder why our younger generation are not given a quality education and are committing zina everywhere! This is a Mushkila, a problem!”

  15. "Fadhilah, we need to understand that the results are not in our control at all," said the Imam as we cruised down the highway, "We just do our best, and we let Him decide the outcomes for us. Perhaps out of the 20 people you deliver this message to, Allah swt softened the heart of only 1 person to really understand and be inspired to embrace the message. Does that mean you’ve failed? What if that 1 person that Allah swt softened was all that was needed to open many more doors of opportunities for you?"

    "I don’t quite get it, Imam."

    "Several years ago, Schuitema was really affected by the financial crisis. Shaykh and I were already discussing about shutting down the company because we couldn’t keep up with the costs. But Shaykh continued his work; he persevered and did the best he could. Then one day, Allah swt sent just 1 person to his lecture, a well-connected CEO, who was so deeply moved by Shaykh’s message that he invested in the company, became a Managing Partner, and started work in rebuilding the company again even though he didn’t even need the money. Did Shaykh plan this? No. Did he even expect this? No! He just did the best he possibly could and left the results to Allah swt.

    That’s what you should do too.”