1. "You cannot be the inspirational leader you hope to be if you wake up every morning feeling miserable and depressed. You cannot guide people forward to victory if you are being kept behind by a lack of energy. You will not be able to capture their hearts and energise their minds if you are still telling and screaming at them all day.

    Remember, before you can like another person, you must like yourself. Success on the outside begins within.” - Robin Sharma

    Self-reflection tells me I have a long way to go. InshaAllah, one step forward each day. Allah swt does not look at the results of our actions, but at our struggle in carrying out those actions ☺️Robbi yassir wa la tu’assir. Rabbi thammim bil khayr! (at www.fadhilahwahid.com)

  2. Today’s Gem: “We are knee deep in a river, searching for water. We are part of an invisible river, but we are so distracted by outer things and what we imagine they could mean to us that we lose contact with the source of our own Being. When we are caught in desire, in form, in externals, we are pulled out of ourselves into a fantasy world, a desire world. We lose touch with the invisible river, the waters of life, through our identification with unconscious inner processes and outer demands.”

    No Leadership Lessons today as i brought the above book instead to accompany me in my solo trip :)

    On another note, this trip has been truly a test of the things I reflected on in my last letter to readers! I was stuck at a bus station for 3 hours, the bus journey took 4 hours longer than expected as it meandered through tiny roads in villages, and I ended up having to overnight at a motel alone whilst my entire family are still a 2-hr journey away from where I am now.

    Could have chosen to be anxious and upset, but I choose to be grateful for the wonderful sights and people I meet along the way. Alhamdulillah for the river of life :)

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  3. Great leaders have the courage to say no to the unnecessary and focus their time only on what gets them closer to their vision.

    As leaders of our own selves, it’s startling how many amongst us (guilty as charged) spend so much time on the unnecessary and complain that we don’t have time for important things like learning, relationships, and improving ourselves.

    By the time, man indeed is in lost 😣

  4. Today’s Leadership Lesson: “Surrender to change, for change is an opportunity for growth”.

    I was reminded of Shaykh Etsko Schuitema’s saying in his book “Leadership” that a person cannot lead anyone else if he is not on command of his own life.

    So if we, as individuals, are resistant to change - we do not want to seek new knowledge, we do not want to pursue new skills, or we simply do not want to navigate in the uncomfortable terrain of improving ourselves and exposing ourselves to new experiences - then we can never be visionary leaders, both at home and in any organization we find ourselves in.

    So what change will you surrender yourself to today?

    #LeadershipLessons #RobinSharma #Schuitema (at www.fadhilahwahid.com)

  5. "Each of us wants to contribute in a positive way and feel that our life has some meaning. We all have dreams and hopes and passions that we pray will be fulfilled one day. But the reality is that most people’s ambitions are stifled by the men and women who lead them." - Robin Sharma

    I’ve been having conversations with some staff from my uni, from lecturers to technicians to cleaners. All of them, at one point or another, shared that they used to be filled with ideas and drive to better the work culture and environment, but always faced resistance from leaders who are allergic to change and risk. After getting slapped on the hand too many times for speaking up, they give up and fall in line like everyone else.

    Questions: Is it possible to change certain attitudes of our leaders? How do we avoid feeling jaded and falling in line with everyone else? Can radical change occur from the bottom-up? (at www.fadhilahwahid.com)


  6. Quick Guide to Masjid Customs

    Quick Guide to Masjid Customs

    I remember the first few times I reentered the masjid after years of avoiding it. I was literally lost in all sense of the word – from finding the way to the wudhu’ area and the prayer hall, to being flat-out confused as to why everyone prayed two rakaats for Maghrib as opposed to three*. The fact that a pakcik shouted at me to put on a hijab did not help either (but more about that later)!


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  7. I’ve always thought putting quotes on walls are tacky, but now I understand why people do it! Waking up every morning and re-reading the wisdom that you would like to embrace in your life is not only a great reminder for the day, but also a vision of what’s to come inshaAllah! Today, write down something that you would like yourself or your family to embrace, and paste it up where you can’t escape from it :)

    Oh and today’s leadership lesson? Cultivating relationships will cultivate leadership. Visionary leaders keep promises, listen aggresively, tell the truth, and are constantly compassionate.

    The more I read on the qualities of great leaders, the more I am floored by how awesome the Prophet s.a.w. is 😍 an-Nabi sollu ‘alaih! (at www.fadhilahwahid.com)

  8. I was at the counter at Kinokuniya, just seconds before paying the cashier, when I heard this book call out to me. As I devoured its first few pages, I began to see the mistakes I am making as a leader, and it dawned on me that the only reason why people in my team might be unmotivated is because I have failed to give them a purpose to the work that they have to do.

    InshaAllah, today, I commit to growing as a leader. Lesson número uno: “The ultimate task of a visionary leader is to dignify and honour the lives of those he leads by allowing them to manifest their highest potential through the work they do.”

    Reading the quote reminded of Rasulullah s.a.w. Under his leadership, the companions grew to become great men who shaped the face of the earth, each with their own unique contribution. The Prophet s.a.w. saw in each of their potentials, and showered them with the right guidance and motivation to unleash what was within them.

    The result? An entire world, full of people calling to the oneness of Allah swt.

    Allahumma solli ‘ala sayyidina Muhammad! (at www.fadhilahwahid.com)

  9. Alhamdulillah, my first appearance in Malaysia’s papers :)

    I often hear people tell me that they’re not good enough to do anything, or that they don’t get much opportunities in life.

    However, I truly believe that if you just give your best in all that you’ve been given to do, opportunities will come your way biidhnillah.

    Keep an open mind and heart, for His gifts wil always take you by surprise :)

    #ReminderToSelf (at www.fadhilahwahid.com)

  10. A notebook, a pen, a set of keys, and a long walk in search of Him.

    The end result? A calmness not felt in a long while, and finally, a letter to send to over 800 subscribers for my newsletter. Alhamdulillah :)


  11. There’s something about writing on paper that I miss as compared to writing using the computer.
    The rough texture under my palm, the rustling of pages, the mad frenzy of trying to capture the words as they gush from my heart.
    Will invest in a nice notebook today, inshaallah. Any favourite recommendations?

    And yes, back on Instgram. Hopefuly this time for the right reasons, and using it the right way :)


  12. How to Enjoy your Dining Experience at the Restaurant of Life

    How to Enjoy your Dining Experience at the Restaurant of Life

    Welcome and thank you for dining at our restaurant — the Restaurant of Life. Every man, from the first to the last, have gone and will go through these doors and have a meal with us, but many have and will leave the restaurant unfulfilled and unhappy.

    But not you. Definitely, not you.

    You will leave these doors fulfilled and happy. When your meal is done, you will step outside, content. And when…

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  13. How to avoid the mistake of harmful sharing

    How to avoid the mistake of harmful sharing

    I used to share every single interesting thing I come across on social media. Any content that made me laugh, caused tears to stream down my face, or even those which left me fuming with anger, were all shared,  just because I could

    At first, I didn’t think much about it. It’s just sharing content, right? However, over time noticed a similar pattern in my actions and emotions when it comes to…

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  14. What do you choose to see?

    What do you choose to see?

    Since enrolling into the university’s news team, I noticed a peculiar thing happening to me.

    It started innocently enough; an action born out of necessity even. As I walked through the hallways on campus, my head began to automatically turn to face the noticeboards lining the walls. With every step, I would scan the boards in their entirety, looking for noteworthy events that my team and I could…

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  15. How to be an Early Riser

    Years ago, my morning routine would involve getting up for Fajr prayers on the third siren sounded…

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